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TipSheet #2 - High returns on investment without much research...
I'm always surprised at the number of people who dabble in investing. I guess everyone isn't like me. I like to dive into the numbers and research until I find that golden investment that is sure to make me money. I spend days digging to find the right company to invest in at the right price.

For many people, investing in options is more of a "hobby." I've even heard they spend time doing other things. They have other interests beside investing. What a concept...

But people still want to make money and see their portfolios grow. They just want to do it fast.

Stock options are a great way to enhance your portfolio performance, but how do you find the highest return option investments, anyway?

There is a fast way for those investment "hobbyists" among you. PowerOptions provides the tools to help you find the highest return investments fast. The "Sample Searches" tools are updated with the latest stock and option prices along with related data throughout the day. The search results list the highest return investments in more than 40 categories. You just click the one you like and up to ten investments will appear on your screen for your consideration. It all takes less than a minute.

Some of the categories are: dividend paying stocks with in-the-money options, strong buys - broker recommended, high percent volume, new stock highs, Low P/E, and one your mom would first.

I clicked the low P/E stock report to find a covered call option investment. One of the stocks that came up was selling at $15.03 and the next month out $15 call option was selling for $1.35 per share. If the stock stayed above $15 between then and expiration, it was a 9.3% return over the 32 day period. Or annualized 106% return.

I found this investment in under a minute with a few quick mouse clicks. Once you make the trade, you can virtually forget about it until expiration. It's perfect for a "hobby" investor and you should be able to make some real money.

Step-By-Step Procedure - Finding high returns without spending much time on research.

Use the steps below to find some high returns on investment with just a few quick clicks.

High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options If you have not done so yet, go to The Member/Trial Log On Display will appear.

Investing in Stock Options Enter your User ID and password then click the [Log On] button.

High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options When the MY HOME page appears, click the "Covered Call" navigation tab in the top left. (Every strategy has "Sample Searches" - we use covered call for this example.)

High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options Now click the "Sample Searches" link in the "Covered Call Tools" section of the page - near the middle.

High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options Now click "Broker Recommended" and a list of stocks with covered calls will appear on the display. This list is updated every 20 minutes so a stock that is here now may not return the next time you look.

High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options For more information on what the column headings mean, move your pointer over one of the underlined headings and in a few moments a definition will appear.

If you have any questions or would like to go through this example with one of our experts, call us at (302) 992-7971.


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High Returns on Investment - Investing in Options - Investing in Stock Options