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This TipSheet is a quick guide to the suite of options market analysis tools offered by PowerOptions to our subscribers. Whether you are on a trial account and just learning to navigate the site or you are a paid subscriber who might be overwhelmed with the option trading tools on the site... this option trading guide might help you decide what option investing tools for beginners and information are best for you.

Search for attractive stock/option trades.
Simultaneously search by option data, stock data, fundamentals, technical, lists, broker ratings.
Select the parameters that match your investment tastes.
Find option investments with a certain percent return, option bid, or underlying price.
Strategy Search Summary:

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsEnter a stock to see the potential profit making option investments.
Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsExamine up to 23 different option strategies for any stock you choose.
My Portfolio:

Enter your investments for viewing and tracking.
Keep track of all of your stock and options positions as combined multi-leg positions with profit/loss analysis right up front for all of your positions.
Stock & Option Research:

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading Tools View all detailed information for any stock or option.
Option Chain:

Stock Market Guide - Stock Guide View detailed option chain for any optionable stock or ETF or Index.
Long Stock Repair Tool:

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading Tools Fix your broken stocks and get back to break-even faster if the stock recovers.
Search by Symbol:

View the potential option investments for any stock.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsMany calculators to choose from: Black-Scholes, Strike of Pain, Money on the Table, Stock Insurance, Stock Repair, Spread Chains, Market Sentiment etc..
Post Position Analysis:

Stock Market Guide - Stock GuidePost Position Analysis tool shows you your liquidation Value, expiration Value and any possible roll-out opportunities for your investments. Easy management of your options trading in one place - one click away.
User Guide:

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading Tools40+ pages to help you get started making better and more successful options investments. In a rush? There's a Quick Start Guide that's only 7 pages and covers most of what you need for the PowerOptions options market analysis tools.
Power Reports:

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsEarnings Reports: Find out which companies are on deck for an earnings report.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsReport List: Pre-set search for stocks & options... SmartSearchXL is used to find these potential investments.

Stock Selection GuideMarketStatistics: Quick view of Industry/Sector/Stock gainers and losers, options and stock data on volume, interest and other market activities.

Stock Selection GuideOptionable Stock Statistics: Averages and overall option market data for stock price, option price, % epsg, and other popular information.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsFree email support and one-on-one phone coaching.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsEasy Startup Guide: A little example to get you started with our option investing tools for beginners.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsReal Covered Call Example: An example of selling & rolling a covered call investment.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsSign up Bonuses: Take advantage of free offers and newsletters.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsTrial Period TipSheets: Tips for using the PowerOptions website and the best option strategies.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsPriceWatch Alerts Explanation: Description of and how to use PriceWatch Alerts.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsSmartSearchXL Tools Help: Tips and instructions for how to use our patented tool.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsInvesting Strategy Help: Help resource for understanding the various option investment strategies.

Option Trading Guide - Option Trading ToolsTutorial: An overview of the site, stock market analysis tools and how to use them to help you invest.


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