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FUSION Offers: Continuing Education, New RPM Ideas & Bulletproofing Ideas...
Plus you'll still be able to look over the shoulders of successful RadioActive Traders as they respond to the market in real-time.

Fusion subscribers can follow the currently open and historical trades of the RadioActiveTrading.com staff including Ernie Zerenner's trades (founder and owner of PowerOptions). Fusion also has a Report Tool for researching new Married Put positions, a Stock Insurance Tool to view Married Put possibilities on stocks you may own and a library of lessons that help you master the techniques discussed in The Blueprint. Note: A subscription to Fusion does not give you access to The Blueprint.

  • Fusion Lessons - These lessons are modeled after the content of The Blueprint. They are structured to help you in your journey to protect your investments. Viewing each lesson opens access to the next lesson in the series. These lessons include some accountability and some never-before-seen investment education content.?
  • Open Trades/Trade Tracker - Watch over multiple RadioActive Traders shoulders as they pick trades and respond to the market in real-time. Trade notices are sent to you by email and published on our Twitter account, plus, you can read a brief of each traders thoughts on every position change.
  • RPM Report (married puts) - Need ideas for your next RPM (RadioActive Profit Machine)? The RPM Report does the heavy lifting for you, screening for those stock/put combinations according to The Blueprint. Powered by PowerOptions SmartSearch®
  • Stock Insurance Tool - Have a stock thats up? The Insurance Tool shows you how to lock in a profit level (Bulletproof), while leaving the upside open for appreciation. Using techniques from the Blueprint you may be able to even pay for the cost of this insurance.
  • Members Only Webinars - These special webinars are not available to the public and are only available to members of Fusion. Kurt Frankenberg will host in-depth presentations on the detailed specifics of the RadioActive Trading Techniques and share any new insights he garners from trading the RA method himself.
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