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 Never Lose More than 4-6% in Any Stock Position Again, Use the Twelve Income Methods to "Bulletproof" Your Investment, and Milk Your RPM for All It's Worth

What's the big problem with investing in the stock market?


Most traders and investors agree: if you could go back in time and keep your wins... but "edit" your losses, so that you never took a loss greater than 4-6%, it would be a better year.

But what if it was possible to enter positions in such a way that you could never lose more than single digits...but your upside was UNlimited?

What if when you stock starts to move just a little bit in the right direction, you could make an adjustment and "BULLETPROOF" your position so that your account can continue to grow, but it can't lose anymore?

Then you would truly have the "edge" that all investors and traders dream of.

Surprisingly, there IS a course that teaches exactly this:

  • How to begin a "RPM" -- RadioActive Profit Machine trade -- with no more than 4-6% of your capital in the trade at risk
  • How to use as many as TWELVE "Income Methods" to convert the risk from 4-6% to 0% (BULLETPROOF) in the right conditions
  • How to maximize your return by using "nested spread trades" - unique plays that risk no capital when done according to The Blueprint
  • So if you're ready to take your investing to a whole new level... while at the same time risking teeny amounts of capital...
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods. This chapter details everything!
  • Several Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table
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