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A little lost on how to search for stocks? These are the stock lists that you can use in the SmartSearchXL tool to limit the stock universe when searching for stocks and option trades. This is a very easy way to find companies with decent fundamentals if you are not sure what numerical fundamental criteria to search with. We don't suggest searching with numerical criteria and stock lists at the same time as this will "double filter" and you may be left with very few search results. Of course, you can make your own stock lists as well, this is handy if you use other stock list services and want to search for option trades only among those issues. Multiple lists can be combined or used individually in your search criteria. Note: These lists are ONLY the optionable stocks in the named list.
Watch Lists 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Stocks you entered into your Watch Lists on your PowerOptions' Home menu.
Dow 30 Industrials The stocks that comprise the Dow Jones Average
IBD 50 Stocks above $7 within 15% of 12 month high and with earnings per share (EPS) rating and relative strength (RTS) rating of 85 or more.
Indexes & ETFs Optionable Indexes and ETF's.
Inverse ETFs - Counter Market Optionable ETF's that move counter to the market direction. In a Bull market Inverse ETF's will decline; in a Bear market Inverse ETF's will rise.
LEAPS Only stocks that have LEAPs available. About a third of all optionable stocks offer LEAPs options.
Leveraged ETFs ETF's that may move at 2X or 3X compared to a regular ETF or Inverse ETF.
MP Stocks with Dividends Stock with possible dividends extended list to include S&P500 issues to broaden the selection list with larger companies. This is combined list of the 3 IBD lists and the S&P 500 list.
NASDAQ 100 The stocks that comprise the Nasdaq 100 Index.
S&P 500 The stocks that comprise the S&P 500 Index
V L Port. 1 One Yr. Perform. Value Line's selected stocks for above average year ahead potential. Ranked 1 and 2 for timeliness.
V L Port. 2 Income and Perform. Value Line's selected stocks for income and potential price appreciation.
V L Port. 3 Long-Term Growth Value Line's selected stocks with long term price growth, emphasis on 3-5 year returns.
V L Port. 4 Dividend Yld. Value Line's selected stocks for growth and appreciation that pay dividends.


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