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I'm Ernie Zerenner, and I approved this message... so YOU can learn what it is that I've been doing this year to make money in the market when it's cooperating, and staying OUT OF TROUBLE when it's not. The time has come to share this secret and YOU are in the right place... at the right time... to get and to USE it.

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You see, most information, mis-information, and DIS-information available on the internet is geared toward teaching you how to pick the right stocks and how to time your trades. I can tell you that though those things may have their place, NEITHER is more important than the one single thing that NO ONE seems to be talking about: Managing your risk to reward and doing it properly.

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  • How to use the "secret" of risk management to skew your results: very LOW percent losses, much HIGHER percent wins
  • What's wrong with the popular strategy of "selling covered calls" AND what to do about it
  • How you can fix the two biggest problems with a bad strategy and MAKE money instead of gambling it away
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