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» Volatility Skew See the differences in the implied volatilities of options in the same expiration cycle.
» Market Sentiment See the current market sentiment based on our unique set of indicators.
» Spread Chain Evaluate vertical spreads using mid-point pricing to potentially increase returns.
» Long Option Finder Find the best strike and month for the highest theoretical return.
» Stock Repair Evaluate spread opportunities to repair a sunken stock.
» Stock Insurance See how you can lock in profits on your stock that is up in price.
» Strike of Pain See which strike price your stock may gravitate to at expiration.
» Unusual Option Volume Report See which stocks have larger than usual trading today.
» Upcoming Ex-Dividend Stocks See stocks with Ex-Dividend Dates in the Next 7 Days.
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» Repair Your Sunken Stocks YouTube
» Picking the Best Long Calls & Puts YouTube
PowerTip #77
Do you want to compare risk and reward for multiple strategies?
By now you know you can use the PowerOptions Search tool to find positions in a given strategy that match your criteria, and use the Search By Symbol tool to view positions in a given strategy one stock at a time.

But, what if you want to compare Covered Call and Naked Put returns one stock at a time? What is the risk-reward of a Bull Put Credit Spread vs. a Calendar Call spread? The Search Summary tool is your solution. Simply enter in your stock symbol and select the strategies you wish to compare. The Search Summary tool will give you a few possible trades for each strategy so you can compare the risk and returns for multiple strategies on one page.
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