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Researching and Analyzing a Trade
You have seen how easy it is to use the patented Search tool on PowerOptions to find only those trades that match your criteria in a given strategy. When you have a list of potential trades, PowerOptions can also help you easily Research and Analyze potential trades with our stock chart analysis tool.

In the Search, Search By Symbol or Option Chain tool you can use the More Information buttons to quickly see which trades best suit your investment goals. The More Information button is located on the far left hand side of the screen. Simply click the little blue button next to the position to access the stock trade analysis information menu:

The "More Info" button links you to research.

The More Information menu gives you easy access to:
  1. Charts - Perform stock chart analysis on the one year snap-shot or customize the stock chart on BigCharts.
  2. Profit/Loss Chart - View the graph of your position and run what-if scenarios.
  3. Company Info/News - Read through recent headlines, view the recent earnings and events, statements and more.
  4. Research - All the data we have for the stock and option.
  5. Option Chain / Search By Symbol - Evaluate other options or combinations on your stock.
  6. Calculators - Calculate what-if scenarios and Black-Scholes values for the option(s) and the position.
You can also link to the Signature Tools tab, enter the position into your trading platform through the Broker Link and quickly add the position to the PowerOptions Portfolio to track and evaluate potential Roll Out Opportunities for your positions.

Here is a quick 4-minute video on this stock trade analysis tool that will give you a little more detail on the More Information Menus.


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