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PowerForum Help

Welcome to the PowerForum, an open forum for PowerOptions subscribers. Here you will be able to discuss the tools and details of complex strategies with other subscribers. The PowerForum will also house a current listing of site updates and allow subscribers to make suggestions for site improvement.

Here are some general tips for using the PowerForum...

Getting Started:
To begin, you will need to establish a Nick Name. This will be the name that is shown to other users when you post. If you have not already done so, simply click the PowerForum link and you will be prompted to enter a Nick Name. You can use your PowerOptions UserID, a standard Nick Name, or the name of your dog. Vulgar and distasteful Nick Names will not be accepted.

Once you have created a Nick Name you will be linked directly to the PowerForum. You can change your Nick Name, add a signature, and vary the number of posts viewed per page by using the Preferences link. The Preferences link is located above the Category section on the right side of all forum pages. The general rules for posting also apply to your signature. No derogatory, vulgar, or sexually explicit content will be permitted. You do not need a signature to read or post on the PowerForum.

Viewing Posts:
To view a post simply click the name of the category that you wish to read. Each Category will have a list of descriptive Topics or Threads. Select and click the Topic that interests you. At the top of the PowerForum next to the Preferences link there is also a link to the Forum Map. You can go directly to Topics of interest using the Forum Map as well.

At the bottom of the PowerForum there is also the "Jump to a Topic" drop-down menu. You can use this menu to quickly link to any Topic. This is handy if you are involved in the current discussion and you wish to quickly view the newest posts.

Also located at the bottom of the PowerForum is the Search function. The search function allows you to search for keywords in all posts such as 'Calendar Spread', 'Volatility,' or 'Search Parameters'. This will help you locate and sort through the forum and find only those Topics that meet your keyword search.

Replying to a Post / Creating a Post:
If you have a useful comment or some advice you want to share in the Forum, simply click the 'Reply to Post' button at the bottom of the thread. If your preferences are set to view a limited number of posts per page, make sure you are reading the last post in the thread before you reply. Someone may have already replied in a similar way. At the bottom of the thread you will see the various page numbers for Topics with multiple posts. Simply click the next page number or the last page number to read the other replies.

Once you have clicked the Reply button and typed in your response, you may now 'Preview' the post or simply 'Submit' your response. Moderators may preview all posts before they are added to a thread.

If you find that your question or comment does not apply to the topics shown, simply click the 'Post New Topic' button to create your own discussion. Please be specific to the Topic when you are entering in a title for your post and remember to post new topics in the appropriate categories. Misplaced posts may be moved or deleted. Once you have typed the title and post, you may Preview the post or Submit it. Again, all new Topics may be previewed by Moderators before they are added to the forum.

There are a couple of Topics listed as 'Read Only'. These Topics are for listing site updates or upcoming news from the PowerOptions Staff for our loyal subscriber community.

Membership to the PowerForum is currently limited to subscribers of PowerOptions. The PowerForum is designed to be a community to promote strategy discussion, ideas for search and research capability and options education to only the members of PowerOptions. You can view another Member's profile by clicking their Nick Name. You can then view the last Topic that member had posted in or quickly link to all posts by that Member.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call (302) 992-7971.