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My Portfolio Overview hide
» To begin, click Setup and create a starting basis and cash available.
» Record trades automatically from the search tools using More Info buttons or enter them manually.
» Create multiple portfolios to track various accounts.
» Multiple leg strategies appear as linked positions for easy analysis.
» Quick links allow position management and adjustment, as well as detailed analysis for your trades.
» Closed positions are recorded in Transactions.
» Overview all positions using Analysis, Allocation and Snapshot.
» For more information on using the Position Portfolio, view the Using the Position Portfolio tipsheet.
My Portfolio Tools
» Profit/Loss Portfolios Enter and view your open equity, index, and option positions.
» Transactions View all realized and/or unrealized gains/losses for your positions.
» Analysis Analyze all positions for any given stock/index.
» Snapshots View todays gains and losses from your position portfolio.
» Sector/Industry Allocations Analyze your current asset allocation by sector and industry.
» Alert Summary View any triggered alerts across all portfolios.
» Setup Create, adjust, and delete position portfolios.
PowerTip #80
Potential Roll-Out Simulation
Roll out suggestions can be simulated to show before and after results if a roll out is implemented. Click the "more info" button and then "Simulate Trade" next to the roll out to be considered.
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