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It is our goal at PowerOptions to not only provide you with the most powerful suite of options tools for self-directed investors, but also to supply you with a virtual library of in depth stock options education, including options trading webinars. These valuable stock market presentations and stock trading webinars will help you become a better investor and an expert at using the PowerOptions investment tools! Join us at your convenience to enhance your options knowledge, maximize your returns, limit your risks, and become acquainted with the most powerful options software on the market!

 - Michael Chupka, Director of Education  
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Webinar Date Topic Description Format
9/30/2019 Chart Patterns and The PowerOptions Search Tool...Plus much more! What Patterns can the Search tool look for, and what settings are used. How are the PowerOptions se...[read more] YouTube
10/3/2018 PowerOptions Options Screener See what criteria are available in the Search tool, for stocks and options, how easy it is to create...[read more] YouTube
10/10/2018 Researching and Analyzing a New Options Position A look at our steps (and tools) when researching a new options trade or managing an existing positio...[read more] YouTube
10/17/2018 Portfolio Tools to Enhance Your Trading A review of the PowerOptions Portfolio Tools: Creating a Portfolio, Trade Entry, different views, a...[read more] YouTube
3/26/2018 Trade Recommendations (Or, What are the PriceWatch Alerts?) What are the PriceWatch Alerts / Morning Updates, how they are compiled, what you should do with the...[read more] YouTube
12/20/2017 Fight the Fear, Embrace the Greed in 2018 In this webinar we share the proper investing structure that can allow you to Fight the Fear and Emb...[read more] YouTube
7/19/2017 What is Behind the PowerOptions Search Criteria Why are certain criteria selected for the default searches and sample searches, the criteria we use ...[read more] YouTube
5/11/2017 Your One Stop Shop for Options Investing See how PowerOptions can solve all your investing needs with patented Search, Analysis, Charting, Tr...[read more] YouTube
11/9/2016 Searching for Covered Calls In this presentation we share how to find covered call positions using the patented Search tools on ...[read more] YouTube
9/28/2016 Signature Tools to Improve Your Trading 1. The Market Sentiment Tool - to help you gauge bullish, bearish or neutral market conditions. 2. S...[read more] YouTube
9/16/2015 Historical Suite of Tools - Backtesting Options Data See how the PowerOptions back testing tools can help you fine tune your search criteria. Tracking op...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
9/30/2019 Bull Put Credit Management Idea We evaluate a customers potential roll out idea on a Bull Put spread that has become slightly ITM (b...[read more] Subscriber
9/16/2019 Married Put Liquidity, Structure and Risk In this excerpt from an Open Discussion, we take Todd and Charlie's questions on: Open Interest and...[read more] Subscriber
9/10/2019 Buying Out of the Money Calls and Exit Strategies Portion from an Open Discussion, we look at why investors would buy OTM calls with a low probability...[read more] Subscriber
8/27/2019 To Leg in? or Not to Leg in...that is the Question the pros and cons of opening a Bull Call Debit or Calendar Spread right away vs. Legging into the s...[read more] Subscriber
8/27/2019 Synthetic Collars, Credit Spreads vs. Debits and the Spread Chain We look at 3 Parity trades to the standard Collar (synthetic and vertical spreads) and compare the r...[read more] Subscriber
7/30/2019 Iron Condor Triggers and Management In this excerpt from our Open Discussion sessions, we answer Duane's question of: "What is the be...[read more] YouTube
7/23/2019 Maximizing Returns on Iron Condors Plus Rolling Bull Put Spreads A look at the criteria and settings for Iron Condor trades, how the highest return might not be the ...[read more] YouTube
7/17/2019 Conservative Strategy Comparison Married Puts (RadioActive Setup) vs. Long Collars vs. Deep ITM Covered Calls...which is best, and be...[read more] YouTube
7/8/2019 Rolling Up a Covered Call When should you consider rolling up a covered call vs. just liquidating or waiting for assignment, P...[read more] YouTube
7/8/2019 Selling Weekly Calls on a Long Term Married Put (RadioActive Trade) We look at selling continuous weekly calls against a long term Married Put structure. Why it might ...[read more] YouTube
1/31/2019 Ratio Call Spreads, Butterflies and Beyond What is a Ratio Call Spread, How to Manage if it goes against you, Call Back Spreads, Butterfly trad...[read more] YouTube
1/24/2019 Credit Spreads - Beyond the Basics, Part 2 Answers to questions asked in Part 1, a look at how Bear Call Credits fared over 2018, discussions o...[read more] YouTube
1/21/2019 Credit Spreads - Beyond the Basics, Part 1 A look at expectations, structure, criteria, trading plans, position sizing and more to help you be ...[read more] YouTube
1/9/2019 Credit Spreads - The Basics The basics: Structure, effects of strike difference, spread and underlying criteria for Bull Put Cr...[read more] YouTube
9/19/2018 8 Ways to Manage a Bull Put Credit Spread Our preferred 8 ways to manage a Bull Put, Trigger Points to know when to consider managing, Pros an...[read more] YouTube
8/24/2017 Managing Your Spread Positions Our preferred 7 ways to manage credit or debit spreads, pros and cons of each, when to use them, wit...[read more] YouTube
8/23/2017 How to be Successful with Spread Trades We discuss Expectations, Structure, Criteria, and Historical Results for Bull and Bear Spreads. Thi...[read more] YouTube
8/22/2017 Debit Spreads vs. Credit Spreads Actions, Goals, Expectations, Risks and Structure of the 4 Vertical Spreads: Bull Put Credit, Bull ...[read more] YouTube
3/15/2017 Calendar Spread Criteria Underlying stock criteria for Diagonal and Horizontal Calendar Spreads, Criteria setup for the prope...[read more] YouTube
3/1/2017 Calendar Spread Basics Defining Horizontal vs. Diagonal spreads, proper structure, specific terms of the strategy, what to ...[read more] YouTube
12/16/2016 Managing Covered Call Positions Thoughts on Trigger Point, When to Roll your Covered Calls, How to Roll Your Covered Calls based on ...[read more] YouTube
10/14/2016 Straddles and Strangles for Earnings The difference between a long straddle and long strangle for earnings, comparisons of selecting expi...[read more] YouTube
7/30/2016 Managing Your Bear Call Credit Spread 7 ways to manage and adjust your Bear Call Credit Spreads that move against you. ...[read more] YouTube
8/5/2015 Selection Criteria for Long Options The ins and outs of buying a call option or buying a put option. In this presentation you will see ...[read more] YouTube
7/21/2015 Managing Your Long Options Positions Management techniques for long calls and long puts when the underlying security moves against you, m...[read more] YouTube
7/9/2015 PowerOptions for RadioActive Trades 1. Identify a RadioActive Married Put using the Search tool - 2. Make adjustments based on your pe...[read more] YouTube
1/28/2015 Introduction to Naked Puts Learn the Naked Put strategy (selling put options). This webinar covers:1. Why this strategy is used...[read more] YouTube
2/4/2015 Managing Your Naked Put Positions Management techniques and adjustments for Naked Put positions to help maximize gains or minimize los...[read more] YouTube
10/22/2014 What is a Vertical Spread? Basic setup, configuration and parity view of the 4 vertical spreads: Bull Put Credit, Bear Call Cr...[read more] YouTube
3/13/2015 Vertical Spreads: A Hands on Look Evaluating the Risk and Return of a Bull Put Credit Spread, Tradeoffs of higher probability vs. high...[read more] YouTube
10/8/2009 Protective Options Strategies (Part 1) An introduction to Collar spreads and Married Put positions, discussing the benefits and 'Gotchyas' ...[read more] YouTube
10/15/2009 Protective Options Strategies (Part 2) Learn management techniques, adjustments, and trading plans for your Collar and Married Put position...[read more] YouTube
11/9/2009 Parity Trades - Covered Call vs. Naked Put A discussion on the risk-reward profiles of Covered Calls and Naked Puts, and the parity aspect betw...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
10/13/2019 One Day Spreads: Better to Open Thursday or Wednesday? A look at trading 1 -day vertical credit spreads. What criteria might we consider, what success rat...[read more] Subscriber
7/8/2019 Million Dollar Question for Options Investors We take a look at the question: Can I control risk and make my target return, phrased as: I want t...[read more] Subscriber
2/12/2018 Current State of the Market...and what to do now. In this video we take a look at the current state of the market, reasons for the recent volatility a...[read more] Subscriber
5/11/2016 Weekly Options - Basics and Preferred Strategies Brief History of the Weekly Options, Preferred Strategies for using Weekly Options, Identifying Week...[read more] Subscriber
1/20/2016 Manage Your Broken Position! Alternative methods for managing: 1. A stock position that has fallen in price 2. A covered call ...[read more] Subscriber
5/20/2015 Options Exercise vs. Assignment The basics of option investing Assignment and Exercise, and answers to questions such as: 1. What i...[read more] YouTube
9/29/2014 Implied Volatility The Double Edged Sword Many options investors hear things such as 'You can't trade without knowing Implied Volatility' and ...[read more] YouTube
9/17/2014 Greeks - and Why You May Not Need Them 'The Greek Terminology' has likely been thrown at you a thousand times since you began trading optio...[read more] YouTube
8/31/2011 Stock or Portfolio Insurance The Age Old Question: How do I protect my Portfolio? Do I buy puts on an index or ETF? Do I insur...[read more] YouTube
12/15/2010 Waiting to Roll - (12/15/2010) Learn option rolling strategies, when and why you should roll your options and when it may be best j...[read more] YouTube
12/9/2010 Special Stock Dividends At times, a company will announce a special stock dividend. This video shows how you can best play ...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
10/17/2019 Getting Filled at Mid Point on Spreads PLUS What is too High for IV Settings to use to lower bid-ask spread fro credit spreads (or any strategy), a look at the Market S...[read more] Subscriber
10/17/2019 Directional Calls and Puts after Earnings Search criteria in the patented PowerOptions tools, chart patterns to look for (emphasis on Bollinge...[read more] Subscriber
9/30/2019 When to Open A Married Put, RadioActive Trade plus Upcoming Income Methods and Dividend Stocks We look at market conditions when opening a Married Put, the Market Sentiment tool, what is going on...[read more] Subscriber
9/27/2019 The PowerOptions Search, Probability (Iron Condor), Return Expectation and Position Sizing From our Open Discussion on September 20th, we cover using the Search tool on PowerOptions for Naked...[read more] Subscriber
9/10/2019 Married Put Concepts (Income Methods, Volatility, Scaling, Taxes), Volatility Hedge and More When to perform income methods, low IV stocks for Married Puts, Scaling Married Puts, Taxes on Marri...[read more] Subscriber
8/27/2019 Finding Overvalued and Undervalued Options, Spread Assignment, Married Put Income Method and more! Using the Search to filter for Overvalued and undervalued options, what happens at spread assignment...[read more] YouTube
8/3/2019 Synthetic Positions, Rolling Covered Calls, Managing a Married Put Down in Price and more! Finding Synthetic or Ratio positions on PowerOptions, Calculating Gains or Losses on rolled spread t...[read more] YouTube
7/23/2019 Locking in Gains Before Earnings, Earnings Straddles and Following Our Married Puts Our best approach (and tool) for locking in stock gains prior to earnings - or at any time! A look ...[read more] YouTube
6/25/2019 Halfway through 2019, Double Diagonal, Managing Iron Condors and Market Sentiment Halfway point check up, A look at Double Diagonals, Managing an Iron Condor or Credit Spread, In dep...[read more] YouTube
6/3/2019 Trusting the Search Results, The DELL Fusion Trade, Iron Condors and Market Movements A look at default Married Put performance, discussion on recent trades in Fusion, a look at the Iron...[read more] YouTube
5/28/2019 Managing a Losing Long Call, Synthetic Straddle, Delta Neutral Spreads and More! Screen for Option Volume and Open Interest, Managing Long Calls, Married Put synthetic straddle, Del...[read more] YouTube
5/13/2019 Stock Repair and Stock Insurance, Long Option Repair, Married Put / RadioActive Trading Search The Stock Repair tool to get back to Break Even faster, Using the Stock Insurance Tool to lock in ga...[read more] YouTube
5/7/2019 Finding the Best Options Trades, Tips on Spread Trade Entry, Married Put Allocation and Structure Fastest Way to Find the Best Trades. Creating a high IV Search. Comparison of trading plan vs. Hig...[read more] YouTube
4/18/2019 Weekly Credit Spreads, Rolling Spreads, Roll Outs in the Portfolio and Trading the VIX Review of using the Search tool for Weekly Spreads, Why you may not want to Roll the Spread if it mo...[read more] YouTube
4/16/2019 Hedging a Long Call, Protecting a Long Stock and Getting Income, PowerOptions Search Capability Ways to (and not to) hedge a long call, searching for high option volume, declining stock trends and...[read more] YouTube
4/1/2019 Covered Calls: Structure, Expectations, Obligations, Management, Exit Triggers and more! Expectations for OTM, ATM and ITM covered calls, obligations and what happens at assignment, tools f...[read more] YouTube
3/4/2019 Rules for exiting a Married Put (or any strategy), Which Trades to Use and More! Ideas on Exiting a Married Put, or any options trade, finding Upcoming Earnings, High Optiuon Volume...[read more] YouTube
2/26/2019 Probability and Delta, Portfolio Views, Buying Call Options and More! Probability vs. Delta, Different Portfolio Views on PowerOptions, Investing in Call Options, Call Bu...[read more] YouTube
2/12/2019 Option Search Criteria, Bull Call Debit Review, Managing Naked Puts and High IV Spreads What are the Default Searches in PowerOptions, Bull Call Debit risk vs. Reward, Naked Put Management...[read more] YouTube
1/31/2019 Finding Stocks with Unusual Option Volume, Criteria and Expectations for Bull Put Spreads and More! Using the Search to find High Option Volume, criteria and stocks for Bull Put spreads, Screening for...[read more] YouTube
1/14/2019 Deep ITM Covered Calls and Naked Put Parity, The 'W' Profit and Loss Chart and more! Deep ITM Covered Calls for protection on stock, other ways to manage, ITM Covered Calls and OTM Nake...[read more] YouTube
1/8/2019 Bull Call Debit and Bull Put Parity, VIX Calls for Market Hedge and more! OTM Bull Call Debit, Management of OTM Bull Call Debit, Bull Put Credit Parity to Bull Call Debit, V...[read more] YouTube
12/31/2018 Your Final Questions from 2018 Webinar attendees questions from the final Open Discussion: Credit vs. Debit spreads, the Pendulum ...[read more] YouTube
12/31/2018 Our Favorite Topics from 2018 A review of our favorite topics from 2018 Open Discussions: VIX Calls as a Market Hedge, Early Assi...[read more] YouTube
12/10/2018 Managing Iron Condors, SPY Covered Calls for Retirement, Market Hedges and Trading Goals Triggers and management ideas for a threatened Iron Condor, a look at SPY Covered Calls long term, C...[read more] YouTube
11/20/2018 Implied Volatility Range, Calendar Spreads on SPY and Cash Secured Puts How to view Option Charts on PowerOptions, IV and % IV Range, Looking at Calendar Spreads and Diagon...[read more] YouTube
11/12/2018 Managing a Covered Call into Earnings, Stock Repair and What is a Coaching Session Adjusting a Covered Call to leave upside open, current Married Puts to enter, what is a Coaching Ses...[read more] YouTube
10/22/2018 Poor Man's Covered Call, PowerOptions Tools for Earnings, Diagonals vs. Horizontals Review of Diagonal Spreads (Poor Man's CC), Options that are ITM at expiration, Using PowerOptions f...[read more] YouTube
8/20/2018 Managing Bull Put Spreads, Open Interest, VIX Portfolio Hedge and more! Bull Put Credit management, What is a good Open Interest, VIX Long Calls for protection, Long Option...[read more] YouTube
5/21/2018 Calendar Spreads (Diagonal and Horizontal), VIX for Buying the Market and 'Flash Trades' Benefits and risks of Calendar Spreads, Diagonal vs. Horizontal, combining a Bear Call and Naked Put...[read more] YouTube
3/26/2018 RadioActive Trading and Married Puts in Current Market, VIX Calls, is Now the Time for Bear Spreads? Current market conditions (after the declines to March 23rd), the role of Married Puts / RadioActive...[read more] YouTube


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