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It is our goal at PowerOptions to not only provide you with the most powerful suite of options tools for self-directed investors, but also to supply you with a virtual library of in depth options education, including options trading webinars. These valuable stock market presentations and stock trading webinars will help you become a better investor and an expert at using the PowerOptions tools! Join us at your convenience to enhance your options knowledge, maximize your returns, limit your risks, and become acquainted with the most powerful options software on the market!

 - Michael Chupka, Director of Education  

Webinar Date Topic Description Format
1/25/2017 Setting Up The Search Tool Navigating the Search tool, discussion on the Sample Searches and Default parameters in the Search t...[read more] YouTube
1/18/2017 PowerOptions Portfolio Tools This presentation shows how to use the PowerOptions Portfolio tools to track, manage, adjust and eva...[read more] YouTube
11/9/2016 Searching for Covered Calls In this presentation we share how to find covered call positions using the patented Search tools on ...[read more] YouTube
11/3/2016 Finding New Options Trades 1. Tools to find options trades one stock at a time. 2. How to navigate and quickly set up your pe...[read more] YouTube
9/28/2016 Signature Tools to Improve Your Trading 1. The Market Sentiment Tool - to help you gauge bullish, bearish or neutral market conditions. 2. S...[read more] YouTube
5/28/2015 Your One Stop Shop for Options Investing Introduction to PowerOptions showing you just why these patented tools are your one stop shop for op...[read more] YouTube
7/21/2015 Creating Your Personal Stock List Creating, modifying, editing and selecting (or removing) a personal stock list in your Search....[read more] YouTube
7/28/2015 Researching and Analyzing a New Options Position Learn stock and option research and analysis prior to entering a trade. This presentation shows our...[read more] YouTube
7/7/2015 Track, Manage and Adjust Your Options Trades With Ease Setup your Portfolio with ease, enter in your positions with a few clicks, set alerts on your open t...[read more] YouTube
9/16/2015 Historical Suite of Tools - Backtesting Options Data See how the PowerOptions back testing tools can help you fine tune your search criteria. Tracking op...[read more] YouTube
8/30/2013 Market Sentiment Tool Want to know if the market is currently Bullish, Bearish or Neutral? See how to use the PowerOption...[read more] YouTube
6/27/2013 Find the Best Bull Put Credit Spread! Find the best Bull Put Credit Spreads to match your investment needs! Whether you are looking at st...[read more] YouTube
3/8/2011 Intro. to PO - Long Call and Long Put Focus How to best Search for Long Call and Long Put (Buy Call and Buy Put) opportunities on PowerOptions. ...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
3/15/2017 Calendar Spread Criteria Underlying stock criteria for Diagonal and Horizontal Calendar Spreads, Criteria setup for the prope...[read more] YouTube
3/1/2017 Calendar Spread Basics Defining Horizontal vs. Diagonal spreads, proper structure, specific terms of the strategy, what to ...[read more] YouTube
12/16/2016 Managing Covered Call Positions Thoughts on Trigger Point, When to Roll your Covered Calls, How to Roll Your Covered Calls based on ...[read more] YouTube
10/14/2016 Straddles and Strangles for Earnings The difference between a long straddle and long strangle for earnings, comparisons of selecting expi...[read more] YouTube
7/30/2016 Managing Your Bear Call Credit Spread 7 ways to manage and adjust your Bear Call Credit Spreads that move against you. ...[read more] YouTube
8/5/2015 Selection Criteria for Long Options The ins and outs of buying a call option or buying a put option. In this presentation you will see ...[read more] YouTube
7/21/2015 Managing Your Long Options Positions Management techniques for long calls and long puts when the underlying security moves against you, m...[read more] YouTube
7/9/2015 PowerOptions for RadioActive Trades 1. Identify a RadioActive Married Put using the Search tool - 2. Make adjustments based on your pe...[read more] YouTube
1/28/2015 Introduction to Naked Puts Learn the Naked Put strategy (selling put options). This webinar covers:1. Why this strategy is used...[read more] YouTube
2/4/2015 Managing Your Naked Put Positions Management techniques and adjustments for Naked Put positions to help maximize gains or minimize los...[read more] YouTube
10/22/2014 What is a Vertical Spread? Basic setup, configuration and parity view of the 4 vertical spreads: Bull Put Credit, Bear Call Cr...[read more] YouTube
3/13/2015 Vertical Spreads: A Hands on Look Evaluating the Risk and Return of a Bull Put Credit Spread, Tradeoffs of higher probability vs. high...[read more] YouTube
11/12/2014 Managing your Spread Positions See when to set your triggers for managing a credit or debit spread, multiple ways to manage your sp...[read more] YouTube
9/27/2015 Managing Your Bull Put Credit Spreads The 7 ways to manage a Bull Put spread, as well as trigger points to use to help limit losses. Simi...[read more] YouTube
10/8/2009 Protective Options Strategies (Part 1) An introduction to Collar spreads and Married Put positions, discussing the benefits and 'Gotchyas' ...[read more] YouTube
10/15/2009 Protective Options Strategies (Part 2) Learn management techniques, adjustments, and trading plans for your Collar and Married Put position...[read more] YouTube
11/9/2009 Parity Trades - Covered Call vs. Naked Put A discussion on the risk-reward profiles of Covered Calls and Naked Puts, and the parity aspect betw...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
5/11/2016 Weekly Options - Basics and Preferred Strategies Brief History of the Weekly Options, Preferred Strategies for using Weekly Options, Identifying Week...[read more] YouTube
1/20/2016 Manage Your Broken Position! Alternative methods for managing: 1. A stock position that has fallen in price 2. A covered call ...[read more] YouTube
5/20/2015 Options Exercise vs. Assignment The basics of option investing Assignment and Exercise, and answers to questions such as: 1. What i...[read more] YouTube
9/29/2014 Implied Volatility The Double Edged Sword Many options investors hear things such as 'You can't trade without knowing Implied Volatility' and ...[read more] YouTube
9/17/2014 Greeks - and Why You May Not Need Them 'The Greek Terminology' has likely been thrown at you a thousand times since you began trading optio...[read more] YouTube
8/31/2011 Stock or Portfolio Insurance The Age Old Question: How do I protect my Portfolio? Do I buy puts on an index or ETF? Do I insur...[read more] YouTube
12/15/2010 Waiting to Roll - (12/15/2010) Learn option rolling strategies, when and why you should roll your options and when it may be best j...[read more] YouTube
12/9/2010 Special Stock Dividends At times, a company will announce a special stock dividend. This video shows how you can best play ...[read more] YouTube
Webinar Date Topic Description Format
3/24/2017 Credit Spread Trading Plan - Success Rate, Management and Protection 1. How can I edit shares or cash in the PowerOptions Portfolio? 2. How much free capital should ...[read more] YouTube
3/14/2017 Reverse Collars for Earnings, Long Term Stock Insurance, Signature Tools Comparing Reverse Collars to Long Straddles and Strangles as Earnings Plays, Evaluating Married Puts...[read more] YouTube
3/6/2017 Credit Spread and Condor Returns, Weekly Covered Calls, Best Long Options, Covered Combination What is a good return for Credit Spreads and Iron Condors? How can I find Weekly Covered Calls that ...[read more] YouTube
3/3/2017 Repairing a Losing Stock and Stock Protection (RadioActive Trades) Using the Stock Repair tool to fix a stock that has fallen in price, also a look at managing an In-t...[read more] YouTube
3/3/2017 Editing the PowerOptions Portfolio, Adjusting Spreads, Earnings and RadioActive Trades Edit or delete trades in the Portfolio Tools on PowerOptions, Butterfly to hedge a Credit Spread, Ro...[read more] YouTube
3/3/2017 Weekly Credit Spreads - Search and Exit Triggers, Collar Trades, Covered Call vs. Calendar Spread Search criteria should I use to find max return vs. safety on shorter term Bull Put Credit Spreads, ...[read more] YouTube
3/3/2017 Bollinger Bands, Credit and Debit Parity, Diagonal Spreads Finding Bollinger Band Breakouts, Comparing Credit and Debit Spread Parity Trades, Setting Alerts fo...[read more] YouTube

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