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Using Weekly Call Options and Weekly Put Options for a Stock
This is what our customers and industry professionals are saying about PowerOptions...
"Thanks Ernie for such a detailed explanation of standard deviations and Bollinger Bands. That's a big help. Your sentiment indicator has been spot on this week so far, and in line with my experience of market extremes. Love the real-time Put/Call ratio, etc. too. Great job. Been looking for that for a long time. I plan to subscribe to your site next week, after my trial period ends. You guys truly know what you're doing. A lot of people appreciate all of your hard work putting this together."

Steve R. -   August 2015
"Just wanted to let ya'll know that I am thrilled with your software. I have only used it a few months, but it is one piece of software I really use every time I look at the stock market. The more I learn to drive the software, the happier I will be. Thanks for your high value services."

Charlie M. -   September 2015
"I just want you to know that your product is the best that I have ever used, It came along just when I was about to pack it all in. I have been trading since 2003 without any luck and your product has changed everything for the better. Thanks again for your wonderful product."

Russell H. -   March 2014
"The Power Options Training webinar today was the most professional, useful, informative presentation of the Options process that I, as a beginning novice to Option Trading, have seen so far. Thank You."

Chuck G. -   November 2013
"I am embarrassed to keep making the same comments, but I am a great fan of your website, your knowledge, and your efforts to educate your clients."

Jeff P. -   September 2013
"[PowerOptions] is a complex, deep, fully featured and built-out site, in my view...Everytime I think of a feature that would be nice to have on PowerOptions, it seems like I find it the next time I'm exploring the interface...Also, the one-on-one coaching, wow I do like this feature. Overall you've just created an awesome product here. I can figure it out, and hopefully as I learn more, use it to good effect to maximize my returns and limit risk. Thanks for creating this. I've been looking for something like PowerOptions for a long time."

Richard B. -   April 2013
"I can't tell you how more at ease I am now that I have PowerOptions and the analysis tools... Thanks for taking the time to respond, just another reason to endorse your product."

Steve B. -   January 2013
"I have used several option services in the last few years including BornToSell... I've been writing covered calls for years to pump up my income on the stocks I own... After discovering PowerOptions, it has become so obvious to me that there is a better solution... PowerOptions tools are the best I have ever used, bar none... Just the idea of downside protection and the RadioActive scenarios is a God send... I am so enjoying getting my portfolio into a "safe zone"..."

Stephen B. -   January 2013
"I second the recommendation of PowerOptions... I was looking for a 15% annualized return... PowerOptions quickly identifies the 15% plus options, and allows me to roughly screen out the worst stocks, so that I now have to examine maybe 5 stock-options for every one I invest in. That represents a considerable saving of time. And I have just begun to exploit the features of PowerOptions. It does cost $60 per month, but it's been worth it. And that is an unsolicited testimonial; I have no association with PowerOptions."

Len P. -   November 2012
"PowerOpt is really a great site overall and we've enjoyed using it off and on. Best search engine I've ever used for stocks and options trade hunting."

James M. -   September 2012
"That You PowerOptions: I attended your webinar on using PowerOptions tools a few weeks ago which provided great insight on using PowerTools to protect your portfolio. NFLX down $16.20. The PowerOptions Insurance web page protected my profit on NFLX. Thanks."

Bill S. -   July 2012
"Got the new Iron Condor book yesterday and read it cover to cover. I love the book. I got a lot from reading the finesse issues of how you trade the IC's in your Tradefolios, and that gave me confidence for investing with your methods. My favorite piece is Fig. 4.2 which is insightful and reflects the real world of trading. Many thanks for writing the book - it should help a lot of people."

Lee S. -   March 2010
"Thank you for your attention to my concerns. I find your service to be invaluable in my investment decisions. I have and continue to recommend Power Options to my friends and family. Your willingness to be actively involved in resolving my questions and concerns are, to me, just as valuable as the data you provide."

Mark F. -   September 2011
"Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy using your software. It saves me a lot of time & gives me some good trading ideas."

Dick F. -   October 2010
"Best money I ever spent on an investment product."

Mark T. -   February 2010
"I just watched the videos on vertical spreads. Great stuff. Thanks so much. Shows the power of PowerOptions and how useful the site really is. I'm always learning that there's another great tool on the site that I didn't know was there. Thanks agian for helping to make the site as good as it is. The whole staff should be proud of their work and what is offered."

Jay M. -   January 2010
"I'm very happy with what I've seen so far and to add to the experience I've made enough in the short time I've been with your service to pay for it for a couple of years."

PR -   December 2009
"This [webinar] series has been very eye-popping on what I've been missing all these years of using PowerOptions on and off. Now with knowing more about the Portfolio feature, I'll be able to track my open investments a lot easier. Also your showing more of the 'more' feature allows me to follow information on possible picks a lot easier without having to have a lot of sites open for that information. There was so much more in your presentation that was valuable as well. Have a great year-end and Thank You...and Ernie for giving us such great tools and information."

Elton K. -   December 2008
"I owe you a lot of thanks for my good May Expir month of vertical credit spreads - approx $15K premium kept (spreadsheet attached) - your teaching talent is exceptional..."

Bruce B. -   May 2008
"Thanks for the quick response and the commentary - very impressive service! My current profit on the STT options I found using your service will pay for an annual subscription many times over. Thank you!"

Bernie C. -   April 2008
"You have a great web site: complete, informative, and easy to use. I don't know how an active options trader could function without it."

Edgar L. -   April 2008
"I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found your website last summer-I've been using it to make steady profits on credit spreads and condors since then...Your site makes it so easy to scan for a trade idea..."

Tom B. -   February 2008
" borrow from New York Life - PowerOptions will be "the company I keep" - lots of programs out there - but you guys do more underpromising and overperforming than anybody..."

Bruce B. -   February 2008
"Your service is absolutely phenomenal. I'm raising more premium than I would have thought possible!"

Robert M. -   February 2008
"A few hours have passed since my "coaching session" with Mike, and upon review of the information that he imparted to me, I can honestly say, that it was "time well spent". Mike not only has complete knowledge of the product he represents, he also has a wonderful ability to pass on his knowledge, with great clarity and understanding. As a recently retired executive of a major Canadian company, I appreciated "good people" like Mike in my company and in others. Ernie--you have a "keeper", these unique individuals are hard to find--good for you!"

Gary N. -   January 2008
"You guys are great. Every time I e-mail you get back to me quickly. I subscribe to 2 other option sites. Mostly they don't even bother to answer the e-mail. I love your site and can't do without it."

Ken A. -   June 2007
"I truely would be a working stiff and not be home trading options if it weren't for your guys."

Edward W. -   May 2007
"You guys just keep getting better! My own mother didn't treat me this good! It's rare that a great product, with great service, continues to improve on great value as well. Thanks (again)"

Steve W. -   March 2007
"I wanted to give you feedback as a Covered Call investor. This site is wonderful. It is what I was looking for when I found it. Other data sites seem to make decisions that were not a part of my investment strategy and limited the number of stocks. Your site allows me to decide what is important to me. I'm teaching other friends and associates about covered calls and your site is my recommendation for their decision making."

Bob M. -   February 2006
"I'm loving this system. Find a high return covered call for the current month on a company that is not super risky. Buy the stock, write the call, set a stop loss and wait it out!"

Michael J. -   April 2004
"I just want to say your site is great! When I need help someone is there to talk me through it and make me aware of what I have done or need to do, or just give me info that I need for the moment. I am learning new options about your site each month I play on it."

Pam H. -   March 2004
"Thanks for a great service and you can quote me - PowerOptionsPlus would be the last service we'd ever live without. And that includes charting and real time quotes among other aids and services. Keep up the GREAT WORK!"

Elton K. -   August 2004
"Thank-you. People who recommend your subscription always remark on the outstanding service that is provided. Your timely reply is a great start to my own testemonial, not to mention your honoring the offer. Not all companies would care enough to do that. But I am guessing you already know that. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

Steve W. -   March 2004
"First I want to thank you for providing such a great service. Also, over the past two years, you have implemented EVERY suggestion I have given you. I just can not believe that you have really done all the things I ask for including: Collars, Covered Leaps, Over/Under moving averages It is just incredible."

Michael S. -   June 2004
"I have to say the reason I have subscribed is that the mass and more importantly the quality of option education material is staggering !! I'm on a great learning curve!"

Loris I. -   May 2004
"Power Options' screener unearths option opportunities. For example you can search for the highest-paying covered calls based on annualized return..."

- Online Investor Magazine  January 2001
"Its (PowerOptions') search engine gives pages of available options based upon any criterion you can name."

- New York Post  October 14, 2001
"Software packages and web sites that actually decrease your workload are rare finds indeed. One such site is PowerOptions..."

- Active Trader Magazine  September 2001
"Besides providing definitions, this site offers an effective array of tools to help investors make money in the options market."

- New York Post  October 14, 2001
"PowerOptions can help you find the stock-option combinations that will give you the highest returns, depending on the stock's probability of reaching the strike price."

- Active Trader Magazine  September 2001
"...with the information and guidance available at, even novice investors can make themselves comfortable with using "puts" and "calls" to eliminate risk."

- New York Post  October 14, 2001
"An upstart Web site that provides an advanced package that gives you ways to search out options based on nine different criteria, and even breaks down screening tools by strategy groups. PowerOptions also will shoot users strategy updates outlining ways to play market trends with individual options."

Dan Colarusso - Forbes  March 2002


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