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Patented option trading tools and techniques used by savvy option investors the world over.
  • Search the universe of options using your own criteria for 23 options strategies
  • Backtest your search criteria with historical options data
  • Full-Access Learning Center
  • Manage and track your trades
Receive Unlimited Access To:
  •'s award winning 350 page site for stock option research
  • Patented SmartSearchXL® tool finds the best stock option trades
  • Comprehensive stock Option Chains to identify
  • Portfolio to track and manage your real or paper trades
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Don't have the time or desire to do your own research? Take advantage of our expertise and the proven, patented SmartSearchXL® technology. You should find option investing as effortless as it is rewarding. Follow our recommendations to participate in these income opportunities and you'll have our follow-up trades too.

This subscription includes:
  • How and when to open and close your trades
  • Limited subscribership makes you a part of an exclusive trading group
  • You can make money in all market conditions
  • Up-to-the-minute tracking and trading info
The Blueprint: Limited Risk Investing & Unlimited Profit... » Learn More
Learn how to limit your risk in any trade. How to keep your upside open so that you literally have no profit limits. Use Income Methods 1 through 10 to "Bulletproof" your investments so there is no longer possibility of loss but still room to grow. Using Income Methods to augment your returns. Special instructions on how to set up a "bullet-proof" from the beginning trade that can play either side of the market.
  • Over 250 pages detailing step by step how to implement.
  • Ten Income Methods that pull REAL CASH out of a stock position.
  • Bulletproof...From the Beginning! Now wouldn’t that be nice?
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods.
  • Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table

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"[PowerOptions] is a complex, deep, fully featured and built-out site, in my view...Everytime I think of a feature that would be nice to have on PowerOptions, it seems like I find it the next time I'm exploring the interface...Also, the one-on-one coaching, wow I do like this feature. Overall you've just created an awesome product here. I can figure it out, and hopefully as I learn more, use it to good effect to maximize my returns and limit risk. Thanks for creating this. I've been looking for something like PowerOptions for a long time. "

Richard B. -  April 2013
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