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Money on the Table for 1000 shares of EPU @ $30.72
What does this table mean?
The results shown below are potential covered call positions on the stock that you entered. The conservative, neutral, and aggressive strategies are based on the different strike prices for the covered call opportunities. The exact strike prices for these positions and further interpretation of the strategy can be obtained by email. Simply provide your information below:
First Name Last Name Email EPU Money on the Table - EPU Covered Call Strategy
If you are neutral on iShares MSCI All Peru Capped Index ETF (EPU)
When you decide to trade this stock as a Covered Call, you could receive a $350 premium just for making it available, no matter what happens to the stock. But if the stock were to rise, you could make a profit of $-370. This trade will also get you more than 1% worth of downside protection for your stock.
Money on the Table: Potential Profit if Stock is Above Strike: Downside Protection:
$350 $-370 1%

EPU Money on the Table - EPU Covered Call Strategy - EPU Covered Call Positions

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