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Congratulations, you have accessed the most powerful option investing tools available on the Internet. Since 1997 we have been helping experienced traders like you become less dependent on advisory sites and brokers and instead become a more confident and self-directed trader.

A PowerOptions Subscription Includes:

  • Search the entire market of 700,000+ options in seconds.
  • Search the 23 most popular option strategies.
  • Find the trades that meet YOUR criteria.
  • Search by stock fundamentals, technical indicators, and option criteria at one time.

Your search criteria can be saved and tested against historical options data:

  • Test your strategy against past market conditions.
  • Historical testing is faster than paper trading to find your methodology.
  • Find which search criteria are most important to your success.
  • Backtesting by strategy not RAW data.

Better than finding new trades - PowerOptions helps you manage your positions:

  • Free phone and email support.
  • Portfolio alerts for your stock and option positions.
  • Examine roll-out opportunities with one click.
  • Compare management trade ideas side-by-side.

PowerOptions is the ultimate in Usability and Accessibility:

  • All Internet-based.- No programs to install - No data to download.
  • All updates are immediately available with no upgrade.
  • New features available monthly.
  • Tools that support income generation and speculation option trading.

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Just a few things that you will find here:

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"Thanks Ernie for such a detailed explanation of standard deviations and Bollinger Bands. That's a big help. Your sentiment indicator has been spot on this week so far, and in line with my experience of market extremes. Love the real-time Put/Call ratio, etc. too. Great job. Been looking for that for a long time. I plan to subscribe to your site next week, after my trial period ends. You guys truly know what you're doing. A lot of people appreciate all of your hard work putting this together. "

Steve R. -  August 2015

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